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Foreign Trade University (FTU) is one of the top universities in Vietnam. Established in 1960, FTU has gained enormous achievement in providing talented and high quality human resources to the economy and thus made great contribution to the industrialization, modernization and global economic integration of Vietnam.

FTU offers a wide range of majors in economics, business, business administration, finance and banking, law, accounting – auditing and business foreign languages. The University currently hosts 20,000 students, of which hundreds of international students come from USA, Europe, Australia and Asia, who learn to lead and serve not only through a strong academic curriculum but also by participating in various extracurricular activities, from athletics to community service.

FTU scatters along the S shape of Vietnam with 3 campuses including Hanoi – main campus, Ho Chi Minh City campus and Quang Ninh campus. Located at the heart of Hanoi, the political and historical capital city of Vietnam, the main campus offers the conveniences of any urban center with shops, restaurants and leisure activities to cater to any taste. Hanoi is also close to many internationally recognized sight-seeing including Ha Long Bay where the third campus is nearby located. Ho Chi Minh City campus carries in itself different taste of Vietnam as it is the center of commerce, finance, culture and tourism in the South and Mekong Delta, the combination of neo-classical and international lifestyle. The Oriental culture diversity and lifestyle of people would be a valuable opportunities for international students to discover.

FTU is committed to research, discovery, creativity and vigorous intellectual exchange. The diversification of excellence across all of our disciplinary areas is considered a priority. FTU is aiming to achieve international recognition in a wide range of areas and to be a center for excellence in education with strong linkages with the government and business sectors.

Promoting international cooperation, especially through exchange programs, has always been recognized as an important measure for the development of FTU in an increasingly globalized environment. Towards the development strategy of Foreign Trade University by 2020 and vision to 2030, in recent years, FTU has given priority to establish global network with a large number of universities and organizations all over the world. FTU provides programs taught in English not only for undergraduates but for graduates as well to attend courses and get credits.

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