International Summer Program ISP 2022 at Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

FTU welcomes students from all over the world to become a part of ISP 2022 and together share the spirit of international and entrepreneur spirit.


The International Summer Program has attracted a great number of students from different countries throughout the last 9 years with the purpose to provide international students with different educational backgrounds and majors with a broad picture of the Vietnam economy with fundamental business and investment prospects and procedures, from which international students of different professions and economies can team up to gain comparative approach to their business environment, brainstorm business ideas and work on practical projects on entrepreneurship in various industries.

This year the program will take place from 28th August 2022 to 17th September 2022. All the programs will be offered in English. Be please well noted that in order to suit all applicants’ conditions, we offer the program in 3 options for students to choose:

  1. Online only: from 29th August 2022 to 8th September 2022 (Deadline for application: 20th August 2022)
  2.  Blended:  online from 29th August 2022 to 8th September 2022 and in-person from 9th September 2022 to 17th September 2022 (Deadline for application: 25th July 2022)
  3. In-person only: from 28th August 2022 to 17th September 2022 (Deadline for application: 25th July 2022)

Details of the program are to be found attached. Interested students can apply by filling in the form at REGISTRATION FORM  and sending the completed application form to our email

For more information, please take a look here.